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Upper Barapole Coorg water rafting

We are Camped in Upper Barapole river.A scenically beautiful river that enters Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary at the finishing stretch. Our Base camp lies in the mid section of the river near Tata Tea Estate.

Coorg lies in Western Ghats edging along the Deccan plateau,South West monsoon starts during June till Mid-October, under the expert guidance of internationally trained rafters Enjoy one of South India’s most challenging river water Rafting adventures at the Upper Barapole River in Coorg.

About Us - river water rafting in Coorg.

About us

Our Coorg Rafting base is Near Tata Tea Estate, right on the banks of the river Barapole. We have arranged chill out place, toilets ,Seperate Changing Rooms, hot water showers ,pick up and drop points near out river rafting base.

Instructions and General Information.

You can choose From any of the Below two routes to reach Us

Madikeri -> Gonikoppa -> Ponnampet -> T.Shettgeri Jn.-> Birunani Road (4 Kms)

Bangalore -> Mysore -> Hunsur -> Gonikoppa -> T.Shettgeri Jn.-> Birunani Road (4 Kms)

Birunani Road > KKR junction > Take left drive 1.5 kms > Bommangi Brindge [Base camp ]

Call us once You reach Bommangi Brindge [Base camp ]

Contact Us : Bookings Or Rafting Tariff Coorg

2019 Coorg River Water Rafting for SEASON HAS STARTED !!!

June 15th to October 15th ADVANCE Booking IS a MUST For WEEKEND RAFTING SLOT !

Coorg Water Rafting Tariff Enquiry/Booking

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9480650477 [Mr.PAVAN]

Only Rafting Enquiry



Please Book at-least 3 days in advance to reduce last minute Rush! Or CALL !

Licensed & INSURED river water Rafting Team in coorg

Advance booking Bank details


Payment to be initiated only after a Phone/Mail Acknowledgement

Bank: State Bank Of India

Account number: 64147698749

Branch: T-Shettigeri

IFSC Code : SBIN0041009

Rout Map to reach Water rafting base Coorg

Important ! Keep a Printout Of the mail & Route Map Handy

Frequently Asked Questions about Rafting [FAQ's]

Rafting Do's & Dont'S

  • Why Rafting ?

  • Rafting is thrilling, exciting, wet and unbelievably fun. However, There is nothing to worry as The guides working for this are well Trained & Experienced to minimize and manage risks.

  • I can't swim, still can i come for Rafting?

  • Everyone on rafting trips wears life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD). Life Jacket will keep you afloat in the event if you find yourself in the river. Most of the people Coming to us are generally non-Swimmers.

  • What should I wear while Rafting?

  • All are advised to wear T Shirts, Shorts or Trousers with adequate foot wear like floaters for rafting. Do carry dry clothes to change after rafting as you get wet.Ladies are not allowed to raft wearing sarees.Changing rooms and rest room facilities with hot showers are provided.

  • I have a family with young children, can they go rafting?

  • Yes, but Children below 14 years and pregnant ladies are not allowed.

  • I am a senior citizen, can I go rafting?

  • Fit and active seniors over 58 are recommend.

  • What is the minimum group size?

  • Group size: A minimum group of 4 people, if its less we may club with other teams.

  • Can I bring my camera or video camera?

  • You can, but you cant carry it with you on the raft. we will help you in taking pictures of yours during Rafting.

  • Where do i stay after rafting in coorg?

  • There are homestay's We can suggest you which is near our Base or you can book Other Homestays here COORG HOMESTAYS Booking

  • How to reach us?

  • Please check the map Above for direction

  • What levels of Rafting can i Experience ?

  • You will be spending over two hours in water which includes briefing ,drill and the run that will take you in the river rafting for a distance of 3km. Coorg Rafting will be running through five major rapids and they are named (as you enter) The Morning Coffee (level-2), Grasshopper (level-3), Ramba Samba (level-2), The Wicked Witch (level-3) and finally The Big Bang (level-4).

  • What else should i Know when i Trip to Coorg?

  • Do NOT Litter on Roads, Like You , we also love Nature.Do carry your Dump bags, advice you do not through Anything near the Roads. Use of PLACTIC Bags is BANNED in Coorg District ! ATM's are around 15 Kms Radius, so keep Minimum cash Handy. An Umbrella or Rain Coat is suggested for each one, as most of the time during the Year it RAINs in coorg.

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